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It’s that time of the year again where you are praying for a passing grade to fall out of the sky – but don’t have the actual time to make it fly. In these cases, writing services are like God’s whipped cream sent on earth to make every student happy.

That is if you get the right one on your assignment. As sad as it may seem, the online essay writing market is a hit or miss: you either get a good writer or a bad one. In this case, I’m going to review MeldaReseach based on my own experience, as well as other people who bothered to write their own customer reviews. Here are five things that I found out about their services – and that aren’t really that good.

1. They don’t offer a promo code

Looking through MeldaResearch reviews and other pages, you’d see several mentions of discounts and coupon codes. However, if you go ahead and try to order something, you’ll see that the coupon codes are pretty much mythical. There was at some point a 35% discount for new users, but it either expired, or it was never there, to begin with.

2. Their writing isn’t expert

“We have some of the best writers working for us, and all of them have at least an MA or a Ph.D. degree.” Sounds familiar? Well, we can safely confirm that not all their writers have a Ph.D. – or at least not the ones that wrote our “dummy” paper. Not only was the English level not native, but it also didn’t seem like they even finished college. It was like a desperate freshman managed to land a part-time job at a “professional” writing company.

3. Papers tend to be late

As far as we read from various testimonials outside the website, doesn’t really seem to care whether or not we miss our deadlines. The paper we received was late, and it seems like we weren’t the only ones to go through this. Most of them didn’t even have time to ask for a much-needed revision. All they could do was pray that they would get the lowest passing grade or an extension to their deadline.

4. Prices are high

Ok, you can’t say that they are outrageously high as most services seem to ask for – but considering that they don’t offer any discounts or freebies, you’ll be paying more than it’s worth. Instead of paying for a paper that isn’t even properly written, you’d better look for something that has both discounts and good writers.

5.They’re overall shady

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that Melda Research lied about their address, their content, and pretty much everything. They claim to have the ability to write a dissertation in 3 days – although that is humanly not possible, considering a dissertation can reach up to 100 pages.

Overall, the rating they receive from us is rather low. While we do not necessarily believe they are fraud or scam (they did send us a paper), they’re certainly not something you should invest your money and future in.

MeldaResearch review