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When it comes to academic paper writing services, the Internet has blessed us all with hundreds upon hundreds of choices. Are they all good? Obviously not. In fact, more than half of them are either frauds or so low-quality that nobody would even consider them.

I have reviewed a large array of such services by looking at each aspect that is of interest to a customer. Now it’s time to tell you about DarwinEssay. To start on the appropriate note, the name doesn’t do the website any justice.

General Information on Darwin Essay

DarwinEssay provides academic papers for a fracture of the price other similar services ask for. Could you take a wild guess in regards to the quality you’ll be getting for these surreal, all-too-low prices? Not a top-notch one.

Info about the Testimonials

These were things take a hilarious turn. As one might expect, the customer DarwinEssay reviews are utterly stellar! It’s the best company ever, so fantastic that I can hardly put it in words, how could I live without it. What about no? A certain lady wishes she “[…] knew it before my graduation exmas!” There’s no typo there. Now, a certain sir testifies: “I will certainly order one more essay from here.”

Can you believe it? How professional must a service be in order for a client to be willing to get another essay from it? It’s painfully obvious that these flimsy testimonials were all made up. With improper grammar and 3rd-grade phrasing.

5800 orders delivered? Why do I have such a hard time believing that? Maybe because when your have such an amount of work is less likely you’ll have only five reviews?! But that just be me. Hamlet once said “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” and by Denmark, he meant Darwin Essay. I have a hunch Darwin is screaming in his grave.

The Discounts

There are some coupon codes a user can take advantage of if the total sum he has to pay for the services exceeds a particular number. There’s no other promo code on the website. The prices are extremely low as they are simply because the quality of the work is below average.

These prices differ according to two factors: deadline and academic difficulty (undergraduate, bachelor, professional and admission help). The starting price is $9.97, the top one is $197 for an admission paper written in 3 hours (the pinnacle of deadline urgency).

My Rating

DarwinEssay.com is no fraud or scam. You might think that this review is too short, but there’s really no need for a longer one. This includes everything you need to know about this ersatz paper writing company.

If you have any regard for your own money, I would suggest you keep looking for better companies. I assure you, they exist, but they have to be unearthed from the piles of mediocrity that have been dropped on it when this industry exploded.

This is far from desirable, and you can write a better paper in half an hour.

DarwinEssay Review