Homework Market writing service

If there’s one thing we learned as college students, it’s that you never have time for anything. If you want to go out and have a drink with your friends, then you won’t have a chance to study properly and do your homework. Likewise, if you want to go out and also study, then you won’t have time to sleep at all. It’s a vicious circle that you have no ways of getting out of.

Thankfully, for that, essay writing services came into existence. However, there are so many of them now that you can’t really know for sure which one is legit and which one isn’t. To make things easier for every student out there, we took HomeworkMarket.com and decided to review them. Here’s what we found out:

Prices and Discounts

Unlike most writing services which have a clear list of charges, HomeworkMarket prices depending on the demands of the writer. There is indeed a list of average prices that you can use as a guide; however, they believe that each project should be treated differently and that, consequently, each price should reflect the work.

The quoted prices are very low on their website, but depending on the paper that you want to get, they can get pretty high. What really disappointed us was that there were no discounts, coupon codes or even a promo code for us. Our only hope was if we could get the discount by negotiating with the writer, but we wouldn’t place all of our bets on that. Usually, it depends on the moods of the writer and what he accepts to work for.

Getting the Paper

From all the testimonials that we read, we were led to believe that Homework Market was the best of the best; however, it seems that the writer’s expertise is pretty much a hit or miss.

In our case, it was a semi-miss. Sure, the paper would have gotten a pretty decent grade – if you presented it in high school. However, if you gave it to a college professor, they probably would have laughed in your face and told you to rewrite it.

On the other hand, we were impressed by the delivery, which was perfectly on time. Had we received a decent paper, it would have been perfect. But this way, the rating that this service receives from us is a 5/10.

Final Thoughts

We don’t believe that their service is necessarily fraud or scam; however, I do believe that there are other options there for you to choose from – ones that provide decent academic results. While there are certainly some decent writers in there, it’s impossible to know who will get your task, and it will be like playing the lottery: you’ll have to pray to the gods that you’ll get a good one.

If your hopes are to get a good grade that will get you, for instance, a scholarship, then keep looking. HomeworkMarket.com is good, but not really that good.