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As a student, it’s very common to have a certain level of trust issues – especially with online orders. Most of you still have traumas of opening the package with the ordered prom dress, only to see a disaster that can’t be worn in public. I was the same when I placed my first order on IWriteEssays.com. I’m the kind of person who, if I don’t see it in front of me, I’m paranoid and doubt I’ll even get what I want. But considering that I’m juggling a job and classes at the same time, it was fairly difficult for me to find time for my assignments as well. So I took a risk – and here’s my IwriteEssays review:

Judging the Services

I have to say, the package of products that they offer is pretty extensive. You can get them to write you papers, essays, and even resumes. At first glance, it all looks pretty cool.

My only concern was that, when I looked closely at the stuff that they posted, I could see a lot of grammatical mistakes. There was incorrect word usage, poor sentence structure – and it literally felt like some high school student or foreign person looking for a part-time job had written that. And that really worried me, since they claim that only “professionals deal with their service.

Also, I don’t know if it was just a bad stroke of luck, but from what I read in other customer reviews, their customer staff isn’t keen on being bothered a second time. They do pay attention the first time, but once the order is done, you can probably say goodbye to being paid attention to. I tried to get a hold of someone on the staff, and al I got was a “we’ll contact you later with the answer.” Obviously, I got nothing.

The Prices

Considering that the prices start at almost $13, I expected to find at least some coupon codes or a promo code to bring the price down for a bit. However, I literally found nothing as I browsed the I Write Essays website.

I ended up paying $216 for a classic 8-page research paper, and from what I’ve read in testimonials, this price is way above the average. If there were any discounts in the mix, maybe it would have been better; but I found nothing.

How Things Ended

Considering the price I paid for this essay, I almost expected to receive gold in return. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the resources were not scholarly in any way and that the writing resembled that of a high school foreigner. I don’t think any college professor would have given me a passing grade for that, so I ended up pulling an all-nighter, trying to rewrite the entire thing myself.

My rating for this company is low. I pretty much consider that I was ripped off of my money and that the website is fraud or scam. If you’re a desperate student like I was, then I suggest you look elsewhere for help. IWriteEssays isn’t something that will help you.

I Write Essays review