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Nowadays, there are so many online writing services that you aren’t even sure which one to choose. The safest bet would be to read a couple of customer reviews and get an idea of the services that they provide. Our purpose is to provide one such review in which we tested the professionalism that offers to its customers. Here is what we found out as we made our own Paperial review.

Discounts and Prices

One thing we liked about Paperial is that they offer low prices. As an experiment, we ordered a research paper that came at a reasonable price – not too expensive, but not too cheap either.

What we were rather disappointed to find out was that they had no discounts to offer us. We did see in several testimonials that they offered 50% discounts, coupon codes or even a promo code now and then – but we could not find anything, no matter how hard we looked.

Since those reviews were pretty recent, our belief is that they paid someone else to write a review – but that someone had no idea what their service offered.

Expertise of the Writers

We stalked their website for samples before deciding to purchase the paper, and the first thing we looked at were the samples. So far, the samples were pretty good, although we did see that some constructions had some odd word choices. The next thing we looked at was the writers. Every writing service that respects themselves should at least let us know who will be in charge of our papers – otherwise, how can we trust them with such an important task?

However, when we looked, all we found was a list of hidden identities, pseudonyms and blurred names that made us have a lot of trust issues. They do insist that they only have the best writers working for them and that each one of them has at least a master’s degree – but we couldn’t find anything of them. If you wanted to choose someone specializing in your particular topic, then you couldn’t have any way of finding them.

The Customer Treatment

Students usually find that they need a paper really fast – like, in a couple of hours. claims that they offer 3-hour rushed projects that will be finished until your next deadline. However, we waited 6 hours until we got a reply – and another hour or so until all the details were sent. To this, we haven’t added the actual time needed to write the paper.

So far, we have concluded that is not fraud or scam, but it doesn’t really deserve a good rating from us either. Their paper was pretty decent – but it wasn’t anything spectacular. What bothered us was that they were pretty secretive with their writers, they have no special discount (not even for newcomers), and their customer support staff have the speed of the 20th century. They’re ok, but we believe that for this money, you’d be able to find someone much better to help you out.

Paperial review